The 46th Scarborough Chess Congress


Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October 2023


The Ocean Room, Scarborough Spa Complex, South Bay, Scarborough. YO11 2HD


5 round Swiss tournament for all playing abilities.

FIDE rated Open & Major.

Leaflet to download can be found here.

Entries received so far can be found here.


  Date Start time
Round 1 Friday 27th Oct 2023 19:00
Round 2 Saturday 28th Oct 2023 09:30
Round 3 Saturday 28th Oct 2023 14:30
Round 4 Sunday 29th Oct 2023 09:30
Round 5 Sunday 29th Oct 2023 14:30

Note that BST ends on Saturday 28th October 2023.

Games are defaulted 30 minutes after the start time.


    Prize money
    1st 2nd 3rd
Open   £700 £350 £150
Major under 2050 £500 £250 £100
Intermediate under 1850 £500 £250 £100
Minor under 1700 £500 £250 £100
Foundation under 1550 £400 £200 £100

There will be £100 rating prizes in each section subject to entries.

The July ECF and FIDE's published rating lists will determine which section you can enter. In the Open & Major the highest ECF/FIDE rating will be used. The October published rating lists will be used for pairing at the event. In the event that your October rating means you are no longer eligible to enter the section requested you may be automatically be moved into the higher section - there would be no additional fee payable if this is the case. If your October rating allows you to enter a lower section, you must request this transfer, again the entry fee will remain at the original value.

You can only win 1 prize - if you are eligible to win a rating prize then you will be awarded with which ever has the highest payout.

Prize money will be shared if there is a tie.

Entry fees

All ENG Open & Major players must be ECF Gold or above membership at the time of the event, non ENG Open & Major players must have a FIN. Other sections require ECF Silver or above membership. Otherwise a Pay to Play fee is to be added to the entry fee for your section below.....

Open £45

Major, Intermediate and Minor £40

Foundation £35

No late entries will be allowed at the event. Closing time for all entries is midday on Friday 27th October 2023.

All fees must be paid in full to confirm your entry before the event.

Refunds will be paid subject to a £5 administration fee for any withdrawals.

Time Control

All moves to be played in 110 minutes with a 10 second increment after each move.

All moves must be recorded until your time goes under 5 minutes remaining after which this is optional and remains so even if time remaing goes back over 5 minutes.


Swiss Manager will be used to pair the rounds using Octobers published ratings.

In the Open & Major, the highest FIDE/ECF rating will be used.

Pairings/results will be published on chess-results website.


Douglas Vleeshhouwer

Nigel Hepworth

Jim Burnett

Peter Ackley

Neil Lowther

Nicholas Mahoney

Peter Purland (Junior event)